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ACADEMIA.EDU is a platform for academics to share and follow research. Academics upload their papers to share them with other academics in over 100,000 research areas. They can also follow other academics, and see new papers and other research updates from those academics in their News Feeds.


It is an online community for learning languages. Users can help each other to improve their language skills by practicing with native speakers in the community. For now there are 12 languages you can choose from.


Cachinko is an online social networking site that also acts as your own personal job finder. You can look for jobs on this site, post job listings, or even recommend friends to specific jobs.


This tool allows you to organize your bookmarks by keywords ("tags") and view other people's bookmarks. This is a public website that allows you to search for websites on certain topics, and you can share your bookmarks with your friends. There are no prerequisite skills to using this tool, and there are no resources needed (although a need to access your various bookmarks from different computers would make it even more useful).


Edmodo is a new kind of web-based learning management system that supports learning and networking between learners and teachers. It's interface resembles social networks with added features like assignments, quizzes, calendars and additional resources. It is a secured and social way to learn.


Google groups is an online forum where users can search for groups with particular interests. The group then has topics which are different discussions within that group. Topics have posts much like a blog. Users can also create their own groups.


Google Plus is a web-based social networking tool similar to Facebook, MySpace and Orkut. You can add people to expand your network and organize them into groups using circles. You can choose to post your thoughts to specific circles and also modify your main stream of posts from your friends to include specific circles.


Hootsuite is a social media management web 2.0 tool. With this tool you can manage multiple social networks (e.g. facebook, twitter, google+, instagram etc.) in one place. In addition you can schedule messages and tweets and analyze your social media traffic. It's a great way to organize and keep track of all social networks in one location.


Feeling a bit disconnected to the business world? LinkedIn wants to help. The firm operates an online professional network designed to help members find jobs, connect with other professoinals, and locate business opportunities.


This is a web based networking and communication tool with features to support student engagement, assignments, attendance, grades, homework features share lessons and resources among faculty, student and administrators. It is also known as a cloud based learning management system.


StumbleUpon is a Web 2.0 search engine. It is Web 2.0 because StumbleUpon's search algorithms are based on the user's profile, and on the user's interactions with other users. StumbleUpon can simply be used to find interesting websites, but it also enables users to recommend sites to be included in the StumbleUpon database, and to write reviews and share interesting websites with friends. The ability of "Stumblers" to give feedback on a webpage helps other Stumblers to navigate to webpages they are interested in.


Udemy is a great networking tool for teaching and educating online. This free tool has several great features for educators including the following: - online course/webinar - upload powerpoint/pdf/video files - write articles on topics, upload links, create discussion boards - import from other sources (i.e. slideshare, youtube, etc) - presentation/video mashup = presenter/powerpoint at same time - udemy live = customizable virtual classroom (including whiteboard, powerpoint view room, chatting)

VISUALIZING is a community of creative people making sense of complex issues through data and design... and a shared space and free resource to help you achieve this goal.


We The Teachers is a free online social networking site for teachers. You can connect with other teachers and find and share learning materials like lesson plans and other instructional materials and educational resources.

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