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This is a web based networking and communication tool with features to support student engagement, assignments, attendance, grades, homework features share lessons and resources among faculty, student and administrators. It is also known as a cloud based learning management system.



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Reviewed by: Angela Byrd on 03/28/2013

Schoology is a web based tool that allows students, teachers, and district staff to network efficiently. The site, created in 2009, has the feel of Facebook", but Schoology has managed to incorporate attendance, student assignments, grades and homework features.

This site provides online educational networking for:

Setup a network between schoolsNetwork between schoolsNetwork between students
Disseminate information across the district Disseminate lessons, quizzes, testsDisseminate notes
Provide updates  to a specific group  vs. open web accessProvide online information to students without being posted on a public siteWork collaboratively with peers, receive assignments and feedback in a controlled setting
Supply district resources  away from school settingSupply student resources to be reviewed at any timeReview additional sources, to improve understanding

Things to know before using Schoology
Browsing and navigating on internet and as a teacher have to know how to create and manage course resources.

Resources for using Schoology
Access to computer and internet and Java and and Flash plug-ins.

How to use Schoology in a teaching environment
As a classroom teacher, I would use this program to build communication in each aspect of the school setting. The ability to login to a site that is so well connected in design would hopefully fill the gaps in daily communication between students teachers, parents and administrators.

Teacher Use
Teachers would be able to have a private site connected to education, rather than attempting to  seek out coworkers on personal social sites. The underlying concept of Schoology is professional and academic - with those two characteristics in place teachers would be able to share resources, post best practices, and build an online learning community. There are other sites that are academic in framework but Schoology is so closely parallel to commonly used social sites that many teachers could use it more efficiently.

Student Use
Social networking is nearly nonexistent in my particular elementary school; though some school provide online access to educational programs, there is not a lot of connection between student learning in an online capacity. Schoology would allow students to have a forum to discuss academic concepts, share knowledge and use Web 2.0 tools for learning purposes. Although the student view does not allow teachers to censor every comment, the exposure to other learners views would be beneficial to young learners as they prepare for middle school and all the social expectations they will soon encounter. It is important that teachers take the time to convey student expectations clearly as they would with any other resource students utilize.

Parent Use
Often parents are on the receiving end of "what the teacher said" and clear  communication suffers because of this. Schoology would provide a private link to see student updates on a daily basis. This program would alleviate the issues that are when the report card comes home and the parent is shocked. Teachers can post due dates, assignment details, resources to help parents at home, etc. to assist parents with take a pivotal role in their child's success.

Administrative/School wide  Use
As I setup my teacher's page, I noticed that the site has a school page that can be designed to provide valuable general information to all students parent and staff. Most schools have a website that can provide some of this information, but the bonus that Schoology provides is a continual stream of informational updates. With the proper login, a teacher, student, or staff member can post information to the school wide page. Most school websites have one person in charge of releasing information. Schoology is a "village" tool - it allows all parties involved to comment, collaborate, and communicate.

Advantages of using Schoology
  • Similarity to major social networking sites provide ease of use (if the person has used those types of sites before)
  • Security is in place for student safety
  • Provides efficient tools and resources for teachers to optimize instruction

Disadvantages of using Schoology
  • Students can navigate away from the main educational focus  and get distracted
  • No two accounts can be open at the same time on a computer
  • Student comments/discussions can not be moderated by teachers


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