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ACADEMIA.EDU is a platform for academics to share and follow research. Academics upload their papers to share them with other academics in over 100,000 research areas. They can also follow other academics, and see new papers and other research updates from those academics in their News Feeds.


Easy Polls is a free tool available on website for creation of polls. The poll creation process is quick allowing easy creation of polls, as well as easy filling a single page form. The important component of Easy Polls are pre-maid, templates that can be easily used. With Easy Polls, the person creating the poll can concentrate more on coming up with good poll topics and questions, and less on figuring out how to set things up.


Poll Everywhere provides a fast, easy, and fun way to get feedback from your audience in a variety of situations. Poll Everywhere is a free online tool that allows users to create their own poll that can be answered by web, text message, or Twitter. A poll is a question that can be answered using multiple choice or free text format. Poll Everywhere allows the poll creator to see the results compiled and graphed as replies are submitted in real time.


This is a web based networking and communication tool with features to support student engagement, assignments, attendance, grades, homework features share lessons and resources among faculty, student and administrators. It is also known as a cloud based learning management system.


Twiddla is a web-based service that helps distributed teams meet virtually and collaborate in real time by providing tools to create mark-ups of live Web sites, uploaded images and documents, or a blank canvas. In addition to an advanced chat feature, Twiddla offers an opportunity for collaborators to speak with one another via


Wallwisher is an internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily and effectively using text, images, audio, video and pages. A wall is basically the 'web page' where people actually post messages which can be drag-dropped, rearranged and filtered. It can be used to collect feedbacks, comments and thoughts on a topic.


WiZiQ is a tool that creates a virtual classroom. It allows the learners to have a real classroom experience on-line where a teacher interacts with students, explains topics, answers questions, etc. in real time. Live video-audio communication makes the interaction more personal since the teacher and the learners can see and hear each other.

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