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It is an online community for learning languages. Users can help each other to improve their language skills by practicing with native speakers in the community. For now there are 12 languages you can choose from.


Creately is a web-based tool that allows users to create diagrams, graphs, charts and wireframes. It can be used online using a browser or the software can be downloaded and used. Depending on the membership the tool allows collaboration and sharing among its users.


This tool allows you to organize your bookmarks by keywords ("tags") and view other people's bookmarks. This is a public website that allows you to search for websites on certain topics, and you can share your bookmarks with your friends. There are no prerequisite skills to using this tool, and there are no resources needed (although a need to access your various bookmarks from different computers would make it even more useful).


This site is a powerful research tool and a knowledge sharing community. It is a social bookmarking web site which allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag web-pages. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page.


Edmodo is a new kind of web-based learning management system that supports learning and networking between learners and teachers. It's interface resembles social networks with added features like assignments, quizzes, calendars and additional resources. It is a secured and social way to learn.


This site offers great tools to create documents, spreadsheets and presentation online. In other words, GoogleDocs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation application offered by Google.


Google groups is an online forum where users can search for groups with particular interests. The group then has topics which are different discussions within that group. Topics have posts much like a blog. Users can also create their own groups.


Google Sites is a web hosting site with a web building infrastructure. Using Google Sites, you can create and edit your own websites without any programming skills. Sites has lots of templates to help you get started and has the ability to integrate with most Google products.


This is a great tool for concept mapping and presenting complex ideas by creating flowcharts This tool also allows collaboration with peers for real-time feedback and brainstorming. Completed charts can be saved, presented or shared with others with edit or read only privileges. Charts created using this tool can be instantly integrated with Google Docs/Drive and other Google apps.


Mapmyself provides a free site for users to easily create mind maps for any topic. The user must first conceptualize a topic that he or she wants to illustrate with mind mapping. There should be a central theme with several subcategories. Each subcategory can also have branch points and there is the option to annotate notes for any branch point.


MeetingWords is a simple text editor for the Web. The user can save his text on the web and more than one person can edit the text at the same time. Changes instantly shows on all screens. This is ideal for meeting notes, brainstorming sessions, team programming and more.


Mendeley is a great reference management tool that can be used to find and organize literature research process. It allows easy management and citation of reference, make annotations for a research and manage a bibliography. It also enables collaboration by inviting colleagues to participate in a research. With Mendeley you can also discover latest research. It is a free web 2.0 tool that requires installation.


PBworks lets you create a secure online workspace in about 60 seconds. It helps encourage class interaction with wiki pages that students can view and edit from any computer.


This is a web based networking and communication tool with features to support student engagement, assignments, attendance, grades, homework features share lessons and resources among faculty, student and administrators. It is also known as a cloud based learning management system.


The web 2.0 tool Skrbl is Simple and easy online multi-user whiteboard. It is also a creative way to share desktops and ideas. It allows teams to look at a single screen and organize their thoughts collectively. You can Sketch, text, share files, upload pictures all in one common shared space. Start Skrbl and share your URL to get working instantly.


Edistorm now Stormboard is a program used to replace sticky notes and a whiteboard with online visual and virtual brainstorming. Edistorm/Stormboard is a Collaboration tool. Edistorm/Stormboard allows students or participants to work at the same time or view a teacher's lesson at different times. Participants can vote on which ideas or sticky notes they like the best contributing to the overall collaborative effectiveness.


TitanPad is a free web 2.0 tool that enables users to work collaboratively in a single document. Similar to Google Documents, this online tool allows many people to work simultaneously on the document. Users can chat while working on the document, can import existing documents to work on and also export documents from TitanPad. It also provides the option to view previous versions of the document and includes a time slider to view the entire history of the document.


Voice thread is a collaborative mutimedia slide show that holds still images, texts and videos. Users can navigate slides and make comments in 5 ways: speaking directly (with a mic), calling in (telephone), typing text, audio files or videos (via web cam).


WiZiQ is a tool that creates a virtual classroom. It allows the learners to have a real classroom experience on-line where a teacher interacts with students, explains topics, answers questions, etc. in real time. Live video-audio communication makes the interaction more personal since the teacher and the learners can see and hear each other.

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