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Edmodo is a new kind of web-based learning management system that supports learning and networking between learners and teachers. It's interface resembles social networks with added features like assignments, quizzes, calendars and additional resources. It is a secured and social way to learn.



Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: June Kelsick on 05/17/2013

Edmodo is a free and secure Web 2.0 App social learning network platform, utilized by teachers and students. It allows for collaboration and a platform on which both teachers and students can share course contents, homework assignments, notices (urgent or non-urgent) and updates regarding assignments. However, it only allows for interaction between teachers and students and parents but not students and students. I see this as a slight disadvantage for the tool. It also allows for customization of classroom based on the learners need. This tool is free for students, teachers, schools and school districts. It mimics Facebook but with the added security feature.

Its very easy to create a group, quiz post student assignments and grades. I easily create a group and student quiz. Due to time constraint, I was only able to test on one person who likes the ease experience in using this tool. Edmodo has the capability to create a grade book for managing accumulating grades. Edmodo is user friendly and intuitive tool. It provides a user guide with step by step instructions with good tips for the end-users and more specifically, takes it a step further by customizing it to meet the need of the specific group such a school district. Edmodo also offers video and webinar access. Both Teachers and students can easily edit their profiles at any given time. Another cool feature is the capability of adding Mobile Apps for iPhones, iPads, iPod and androids.

Additional and useful features such as; search and filter posts digital library, calendar-for organizing and keeping up with important assignments dates, easy access to send and reply buttons, editing options in addition to direct access for linking the library. And lastly, accounts can be easily deleted as it was in creating.

Resources and Skills required for using Edmodo
To set up a free account, all you need is an e-mail address. Basic computer and internet surfing skills are necessary. The resources you need are a computer and access to a good internet connection.

How to use Edmodo in a teaching environment
This tool can be easily adapted in a teaching environment for first year nursing students as well as prospective nursing student who are doing their perquisites in order to enter the nursing program. I would e-mail the generated group code to the students and instruction them to create their own profile. Once their profiles are created I would post the line so that they can take a virtual tour of the tool in order to familiarize themselves with the tool.

Once they have completed the virtual tour, I would post the first assignment and ask the students to introduce themselves, which would then be followed by a simple quiz. This will further help them to navigate this tool and become comfortable in accessing and using the tool. I would attach files to expose them to comfortable opening and attaching files of their own.

Digital library contents would be uploaded to facilitate and enhance their searching skills. The ability to show them how to recognize URGENT or update messages in regards to the course content.

Advantages of using Edmodo
  • Its a secured a simple Web2.0 secured tool which mimics facebook to some extent.
  • Its easy and institutive for all end-users.
  • It also allows for customization of classroom based on the learners needs.
  • It offers flexibility for teachers, students and parents
  • Provides a platform for timely and immediate access to teachers
  • Immediate follow-up to teachers and parental concerns
  • Has the capability of adding Mobile Apps for iPhones, iPads, iPods and androids.
  • It allows for easy editing of profiles
  • Would be excellent for visual learners
  • An email address is not required to access the course, only the group code is required.

Disadvantages of using Edmodo
One disadvantage I noted is that Edmodo does not allow for student to student interactions. I think that student to student interaction would be beneficial in any learning environment especially when utilizing social media. Secondly, some students may not have the discipline to remain focus and be responsible for keeping up with the assignments since this platform of delivering information is so leisurely. Also, the lack of audio capability. This would be a great enhancement for students who are audio-visual learners.


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