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Museum Box is a free web 2.0 tool that allows you to organize and display content (text, audio, video and images) in a structured way. It is a virtual box where each box represent events related to the main topic. It is easy to share your museum box and also easy to view museum boxes that others created.



Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Ahmed Eid on 05/17/2013

Museum Box is a web based tool that allows the students to chose a topic and display information about that topic in different boxes. Each box will have a label (subject) and inside the box there are cubes. On each of the six sides of the cube information about the box title can be saved. This could be text, audio file, video clip, internet link,&etc. The students will be creating different cube projects to be shared with others. When the cube project is finished and submitted it has to approved by the school administrator then published on the web. When you click on the box you could chose to read, hear or watch any of these files to know about this box project. You could do the same thing with each box in the museum box.

Resources and Skills required for using Museum Box
To set up a free account, you will need a registered school e-mail address. Basic computer and internet surfing skills are necessary. The resources you need are a computer and access to a good internet connection.

How to use Museum Box in a teaching environment
This tool is ideal for K12 teaching environment. The teacher may ask the students to prepare projects. They may work individually or even better in teams.  A topic for a project can be assigned by teacher (e.g. Ancient Egypt). The students will enter the title, chose the boxes and number of layers, give a name to each cube ( e.g. Agriculture,  Religion, politics, &) The students will start working on the project completing the six sides of the each cube. They can then submit this. The teacher can publish it or return it to students with comments to be modified or edited. Once complete, submitted and published it can be shared with others. The project designing and collaborative learning are two important aspects of Box Museum that should enhance the students learning.

Advantages of using Museum Box
Cost efficiency (free)
Lack of equipment needed
Simple concept and easy to use (if it works properly)

Disadvantages of using Museum Box
Lack of assessment by the tool.
Technical difficulties (also mentioned by others on some reviews)
Geared mainly toward K12 (school account, cubes, boxes, &)


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