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A Web-based tool that allows teachers to create variety of flash based activities. There are no required downloads and user friendly and step-by-step instructions make it easier for the user to follow and use the given flash templates and create a unique activity.



Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Elizabeth Pelezo on 04/11/2013

ClassTools is a fun web 2.0 tool to create your own unique flash activities. There is no registration required, but you can upgrade to the premium version, which gets rid of the annoying advertisements. You can create games for your students and study materials for yourself. The site also provides pre-built flash based templates with which you can create games for your students and study materials for yourself. I think it could be a neat tool to use in elementary and intermediate education. The more complex games could be used to build assignments for students.

Things to know before using ClassTools
You really dont need anything other than internet skills and to know how to embed the information into a blog. It gives you prompts to save it as a webpage and gives you the embed code for ease. However, having an idea of what kind of interactivity you want for a particular area of study would be great.

Resources required to use ClassTools
A computer with high speed internet capability and a great imagination are that is needed.

How to use ClassTools in a teaching environment
I could see using this tool to create games for students to use on a review day or in spare time for review at the end of day. I can see the dish-bin application being used in an elementary education role as extra work for those students that finish sooner than others or that might need material presented in a different way. It can also be used as a classroom quiz competition. Check out the example created below.

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There were several applications for organizing thoughts that could be easily utilized to develop papers or brainstorming. I thought the hamburger application was a neat way to section off ideas for brainstorming. The fish-bone application reminded me or the map myself application. You start off with a central idea and branch off. Instead of using tree branches, the fish uses scales. A nice tool for brainstorming.

Advantages of using ClassTools
Easy to follow directions and step-by-step instructions help users to learn fast and create an activity. Wide variety of available flash templates to choose from to create different types of activities. Easy to embedd, print or distribute.

Disadvantages of using ClassTools

The disadvantage of this website is the advertisements scrolling all over the place. They are quite a distraction.


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