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Cacoo is an online web 2.0 tool that can be used collaboratively to create, organize, and share diagrams, graphic organizers, network, flow, and seating charts, etc. Cacoo has a library of symbols and stencils that can be easily accessed and arranged to create a diagram or chart by multiple, real-time users. The created diagrams can then be shared and viewed openly by all or made private for view by selective users.



Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: June Kelsick on 04/02/2013

Cacoo is a web cloud 2.0 tool that allows the user to collaboratively create meaningful diagrams, mind maps, network charts, creative diagrams, seating charts organize and share diagrams and much more, all from a library of catalogue of symbols and stencils. The bridging of stencils is easy to manipulate by bridging connectors. Cacoo organizes and has the ability to share diagrams in real time with its online chat option. This is advantageous to students who can collaboratively work together in editing and conversing about their work. Although diagrams can be openly shared, you have the ability to mark as private if the need arises. Cacoo offers it basic stencils free but can be upgraded for a monthly or annual fee. By purchasing the upgraded version, you have the ability to save diagrams in PNG, SVG and Adobe format. However, with Cacoos basic, you can only save in PNG and Adobe. In addition, you receive even more detailed and complex stencils if you purchase the upgrade.

Things to know before using Cacoo
You need basic computer skills such as; browinsg the net, clicking and dragging selected items to desired place to effectively navigate the tool.

Resources required for using
You must have a computer that has constant internet access to use this tool with an updated web browser. (It seems that web browsers such as Firefox and safari work better with the web 2.0 tools).

How to use
Cacoo in a teaching environment
Cacoo is an appropriate tool that can be utilized in a teaching environment. However there are some limitations. One such limitation is the inability to export into Adobe, excel and word. With that said it allows for real time sharing and collaboration among students with its online chat feature. It can be used in computer science programming and networking, by sharing and creating flowcharts and computer network designing. Cacoo can also be used as a digital media for story-boarding short films. Cocoo would also be useful in math for students who can create and draw out a process on how to solve a problem, or for language arts on how to map out their arguments. This process is very supportive of visual learners.

Advantages of using
  • Easy registration
  • Access to more detailed and complex stencils
  • Some of the advantages of using this tool are: You can share it with other students.
  • Can collaborate in real time with other students
  • You can add images and web links
  • Has an extensive library of stencils
  • You have access to create 25 diagrams before having to pay

Disadvantages of using
Although the initial download is free; Cacoo has set a price on their tool. I discovered that after you have created about 25 diagrams, you are to show up the money. In other words the free ride is over and you need to pay up. Secondly, since the initial trial period is free you can only save your document as a PNG file. This limits ones option. Thirdly after trying and trying I discovered that you cannot embed your diagram into your blog, but you are able to share a link to the diagram.


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