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We The Teachers is a free online social networking site for teachers. You can connect with other teachers and find and share learning materials like lesson plans and other instructional materials and educational resources.



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Reviewed by: Abdulla Zorba on 05/22/2013

We the Teachers is a free online social communication and collaboration platform for teachers in K-12. Registration is very easy and in a couple of click you can join a big teacher network. Teachers can upload their lesson plans, search for related lesson plans, upload files, join different group discussions, add their friends, send and receive messages and more. We the Teachers is unique website in two perspectives. First is its social perspective: Teachers can easily integrate with other teachers in the world not just in a school or in a city. Second is its resource aspect: Teachers can easily upload and share different instructional materials. The website allows teachers to seek for help and share different ideas. Lets just imagine if all science teachers upload their lesson plans in Houston and share their ideas, how much the science curriculum would improve? I think all science teachers would love to see other science teacher's lesson plans and their instructional materials to improve theirs. Also teachers can create their own discussion groups, get feedback about their questions. The website offers free subscription for different apps. You can add these apps into your apps basket and access their features. The forum feature is also very useful for teachers to get in touch with other teachers on different subjects. In addition it has class activity tool and you can easily create word search sheets, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and Sudoku.

Resources and Skills required for using We The Teachers
It doesn't require advanced computer skills and a computer with a web browser should be enough to connect using this tool. However you must have a valid email address and complete your profile. If you are familiar with  using Facebook or other social website, it would be a problem to understand its tools.

However, to use this website effectively, you need to contribute by uploading your lesson plans and instructional materials. it is like a community pool and all teachers need to make an effort to keep it functional.

How to use We The Teachers in a teaching environment
For my educational scenario, I am going to use science teachers in my school. Getting together and sharing ideas around the table are getting more difficult with our busy schedules. That is why sometimes we ignore the benefits of sharing and working together to succeed in our schools. I want all science teachers to sign up for We the Teachers and add each other to their friend list. All science teachers will upload their lesson plans to the system. In that way, our science department head will get a chance to see it and add a comment on it. Other science teachers will get a chance to see it as well and even use it in their classes. Science department head will create a group and add discussion about the  upcoming science fair and ask for ideas from other teachers. Biology teacher will look for different assignments and lesson plans about animal cell and use it in his/her class. Chemistry teacher will join high school chemistry forum to see the current discussion and see different issues. New science teachers will also sign up for the website and examine the uploaded lesson plans to create their and get some ideas. In that way all science teachers will be on one online collaboration platform to work together, share and search for new ideas.

Advantages of using We The Teachers
  • It is %100 free online collaboration platform for teachers
  • Teachers can easily create, upload or search for related lesson plans
  • Teachers can create or join a discussion regarding their subject and be active.
  • Teachers can easily communicate with same subject teachers
  • Teachers can easily create lesson activities by using class activity features
  • Teachers can easily store their instructional materials online and access them anytime.
Disadvantages of using We The Teachers
  • It may take more time than email based communication
  • It requires internet connection at all times.


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