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Popplet is a web 2.0 tool that allows you to create concept maps and create galleries of content in a fast and easy way. You can add images, videos and texts using Popplet. You can also collaborate real-time on a Popplet.



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Reviewed by: Karen Schneider on 05/15/2013

Popplet is a web 2.0 tool that provides a canvas on which you can create visual representations of your ideas or projects.  It goes beyond just writing or typing out thoughts or doodling.  It allows you to connect ideas and create concrete visualizations of your plans and ideas.  You can make concept maps and relate images and work areas to each other.  You can add images, videos and content from Flickr, YouTube and Google maps.  It can be exported and used in presentations.  Popplet is amenable to any environment: education, business, home and personal projects.  Sharing it with others can inspire collaborations and enhance productivity.  Groups of people can come together to brainstorm ideas, work through problems, or build presentations, to name a few uses.  When you share a Popplet, you can let some else just view it, add to it, or edit it (so that it really becomes a collaborative effort).  A name-tag on the Popple lets you know who contributed that Popple.  It simple and easy to use so all ages can use it.  Its a fun way to make your ideas usable and present them to others, or work on a project in a group.

Things to know before using Popplet
You need to have basic computer skills and internet access and surfing skills.

Resources required for using Popplet
A decent computer with a good internet connection and an email account is required. It would be useful to have an idea of what is being explored and maybe emails of collaborators if it is a group project.

How to use Popplet in a teaching environment
I would use Popplet to enhance problem solving and collaboration among medical students regarding evaluation and management of common problems in OB/GYN.  During their clerkship I would ask them to divide into groups of 3-4 students and have each group choose a specific topic in OB/GYN from a preset list of common problems.  They would be instructed to create a Popplet outlining the evaluation and management of a patient who presents with that problem.  They would be asked to provide risks factors, common presenting signs and symptoms, physical findings, labs and/or imaging appropriate for work-up of the problem and formulate a plan of management.  Since those name-tags on the Popples allow you to see who creates it, this would be a way to analyze who contributed to the project and how the work was shared.  The groups would than publish/share their Popple so that others could learn about that specific problem.

Advantages of using Popplet
It lets individuals or groups brainstorm and create concepts.  It is a great avenue for promoting problem solving and teamwork through its collaborative features.  Easy to follow instructions make it simple to use, so a variety of skill levels can use it.Additionally, an iPad app is also available for using Popplet on the go.

Disadvantages of using Popplet
The tool doesnt offer much flexibility in editing text or images once they are in the Popple.


Examples and External Resources


How to use Popplet by Karen Schneider uploaded on 05/16/2013



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