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Ipadio is a web 2.0 tool that allows users to broadcast live to the web from a phone call. Users create audio podcast and recordings. Similar to written blog, Phlogs can be posted where learners can make comments just as you would with a traditional blog.



Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Susan Raine on 04/04/2013

ipadio is a tool that can be used to podcast directly onto the web from your phone.  Once you sign up, you are given your own channel where you control your broadcasts. You simply call the toll free number from your registered phone number, enter your pin, and start recording.  If you want to call and record from a number other than the one you registered, you can either enter the registered phone number or you can go online and enter a second phone number to register.  This makes it really east to record from anywhere.  Once you make your recording, it shows up in your channel on the web.  From here, you can edit all the information about your phone-cast and chose who and how it can be shared.  One of the options you have with ipadio is to follow the channels of other users who may be phone-casting things you are interested in.  Another really cool feature is
the ability to post your phone-casts directly to many social media locations, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogger, etc.

Things to know before using iPadio
I think that it is important to understand the concept of podcasting.  However, you really only need basic computer skills and the ability to dial the phone.

Resources required to use iPadio
You need to have a computer, internet access, and a phone.  Preferably, you will also have something to say.

How to use
iPadio in a teaching environment
I honestly think that it would be hard to use phone-casting in my teaching environment.  The one thing I thought of was the possibility of using this tool to record conferences or group discussions that do not depend on visual presentation materials like PowerPoint.  One big downside is the fact that while you can prevent your phone-cast from being public, I can't figure out (even from the help section) whether or not you can restrict access to your phone-casts.  That would be important if you were recording sensitive information that you wanted to control access to, so this might make it hard to use educationally in medicine.  I did email tech support with the question, but have not yet heard back.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using iPadio
It is possible to allow comments to be made on your phone-cast which I think would be necessary in an educational environment, if only to ensure that the learners actually listened to your phone-cast.  This could create some interesting dialogue.  As the educator, you can receive email notifications when someone comments which would help you keep up with your students.  Also of note, your channel can be followed in an RSS feed, so even remote learners could know whenever you posted a new recording just by following your channel.


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