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Assign-a-Day is a website created for teachers to create calendars that can be shared with other teachers and students. It is a free tool that allows teachers to create and manage calendars, add and delete assignments, and give a description of assignments, which can then be shared with colleagues or students. Students can see assignments for their classes to get an overview of what is coming up and help them stay on track with due dates.



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Reviewed by: Jenna Miller on 03/26/2013

Assign a day is a task and project calendar created for teachers.  It is an easy to use website to create a monthly calendar that shows the daily projects and assignments that are due.  There is a way to enter an assignment due date as well as description of the assignment.  The calendar can be shared with other teachers or students.  This replaces the typical written assignment journal.  Students can access the assignment calendar from the school or home and the students parents can also have access to the schedule.

How to use Assign-A-Day by Amanda Elmer

How to use
Assign-A-Day in a teaching environment
In an earlier research proposal, I had suggested an online assignment calendar as an approach to increase assignment completion.  The initial assignment completion rate could be compared to the post online calendar implemenation.  I think this tool could be used in this research idea.  It can be accessed by the student or parent as the instructor can share the calendar with any email that is provided.  Therefore, both the parent and student can have free access to the calendar.  Perhaps this could then tie into calendar reminders for big projects.

Advantages of using
The advantages to this calendar are that it is free and easy to share. It is easy to use and enter tasks as well.

Disadvantages of using
The disadvantages are that it requires you to be a teacher to use the site.  This limits the use to only teachers associated with an institution or school and the format and ease of use could be applied to a broader range of uses.


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Using Assign-A-Day for parents by Amanda Elmer uploaded on 05/16/2013



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