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Reviewed by: Coretta on 06/07/2011

There are many different situations that transpire when training city employees. Here are several examples of the main problems that occur during the final step of approving a presentation for city meetings:
  • The presenter (city employee) did not create the title to be bold and increase or decrease the title font size to 40.
  • The presenter (city employee) did not create the text to be bold and increase or decrease the text font size to 30.
  • The presenter (city employee) did not know how to create the red box around the title and text box.
  • The presenter (city employee) used more than two font sizes in the Master Slide.
  • The presentation for the city meeting is turned in too late or is not placed in the appropriate folder.
When dealing with multiple presentations, it can be very stressful to check each presentation before setting up a meeting because it could be more than ten presenters that are presenting a presentation during a City Council, Planning & Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Sugar Land Development Corporation meeting (just to name a few).

My responsibility during these meeting is to keep calm and make sure each presentation is in the correct standards and guidelines. This is very important the public will be sitting in the audience watch the meeting live and on the Internet and television, so it is very imperative to make sure each slide is large enough and legible to view.

By creating a simple diagram for the city employees to view as a reminder on SLIC Intranet (Sugar Land Information Center), may resolve the common problems that occur during the training stages of designing, editing, and formatting a presentation.

The advantages of using this tool in a teaching environment are:
  • As a student gets older, Webspiration can help them to take control of organizing their own learning.
  • Teachers/trainers can create maps and invite students to collaborate and fill in information needed.
  • Free software with nothing to download.
The disadvantages of using this tool in a teaching environment are:
  • The public has access to view your files.
  • Can be restricted in the school districts.


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