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Posterous is a simple blogging platform that is partcularly designed for mobile blogging. Mobile methods include sending an email, with attachments of photos, MP3s, documents, and video (both links and files).



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Reviewed by: Kele on 09/06/2011

Targeted audience educational setting is high schoolStudents in this age group are very familiar with emailing and texting each other, multitasking as well are a characteristic that has been identified with this group of students. As a result Posterous will receive good acceptance with high school students  emailing and blogging at the same time and being able to send your posts to multiple social net works like My Space, YouTube, Twitter and Face book at the same time.For some reason, many students in high school do not like to write especially in science classes, but they do like to text and send email to each other. Getting them to respond to questions is often very difficult and all you might get as an answer is I dont know. Some of them are put off attempting to contribute in class discussions for fear of saying the wrong things and might get booed by their friends. These are common situations the teacher has to deal with every day in the class.Posterous comes to the rescue in that it  allows students  contribute to topics  discussed in class since all that is required is to email your contribution to Posterous and it will automatically appear in the class blog. They all have web enabled cell phones more expensive than what the teacher has, so  excuses as to why I did not submit my assignment because I do not have a computer at home or the application does not arise anymore. Collaboration is another capability that makes Posterous suitable in the classroom. Students can access the class blog and be able to see what others are posting on the same topic, comment and learn from each other.A typical class scenario where this can be applied  would be :


  1. Topic: Chemical safety
  2. Objective: Diamond Hazard Index
  3. Teacher will create a class account at Posterous
  4. Teacher will subscribe each student to the blog so students can post to the blog
  5. Teacher will request students to take pictures of gasoline, health department and courier company trucks displaying chemical safety diamond hazard symbols
  6. The postings will comprise of different types of diamonds
  7. Teacher will facilitate a discussion about the significance of the numbers, colors and images on the diamonds
  8. For assignment or homework, students will be asked to post against their pictures posted earlier what the colors, numbers and images and postulate on the contents of the truck necessitating that diamond symbol.
  9. Each student will be required to comment on the posting of each student.
  10. Teacher will go through the posting and provide feedbacks through comments.


Simple user interface
Utilizes email as a posting platform which the students already know how to use
No learning curve involved
Ability to post to other social networking sites with one posting
Uncomplicated multimedia handling features
Capability to create full length websites students can use as e-portfolios.
Collaborative futures are good
Above all its free
You have to create accounts to be able to use all the robust features


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