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Google groups is an online forum where users can search for groups with particular interests. The group then has topics which are different discussions within that group. Topics have posts much like a blog. Users can also create their own groups.



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Reviewed by: Brittney Wilson on 04/10/2013

Google groups is a great place to join or create forums to connect with others around the world to discuss similar interests.  You can browse groups and join if the subject matter interests you.  Once you join a group, you can choose to receive email updates on new posts in the group or you can sign in to google groups to see posts if you prefer to not receive emails.  If you do not find a group already created for the subject you are interested in, you can create your own.  In creating your own group, there are many advantages.  You can decide who can join the group, who can post in the group, and who can see the posts in the group.  Google groups is very user friendly and can also be accessed through mobile devices.   

Things to know before using Google Groups
Google groups is very user friendly.  It could be helpful to understand the workings of a discussion forum so that the format makes sense to you. 

Resources required to use
Google Groups
To use Google groups, you must have a computer with access to the internet or a mobile
device with access to the internet.

How to use
Google Groups in a teaching environment
Google groups can be used in many different ways in a teaching environment.  Currently, our students are communicating between themselves using the social network, Facebook.  Google groups could be used to create a discussion forum for the students, as well as an avenue for announcements by instructors.  Unlike Facebook, instructors can moderate the discussions in Google groups.  Students could also be encouraged to search related dosimetry topics.  This could help with their networking and job search.  It could get them ready for working at a smaller institution and using discussion forums to help solve treatment planning, billing, simulation, and other medical dosimetry related problems that are commonly encountered. 

Advantages of using
Google Groups
The advantages of using this tool in a teaching environment are: the students are learning to troubleshoot some of the commonly encountered problems, they are networking with other dosimetrists, and they learn how to communicate in the virtual environment.

Disadvantages of using
Google Groups
A disadvantage is that students could possible utilize the tool in getting assistance in their competencies.


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