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Poll Everywhere provides a fast, easy, and fun way to get feedback from your audience in a variety of situations. Poll Everywhere is a free online tool that allows users to create their own poll that can be answered by web, text message, or Twitter. A poll is a question that can be answered using multiple choice or free text format. Poll Everywhere allows the poll creator to see the results compiled and graphed as replies are submitted in real time.



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Reviewed by: Jenna Miller on 03/21/2013

The use of audience feedback and participation has been increasing in popularity, especially for adult learning.  It is a proven fact that learners retain only 10% of what they hear in a lecture.  Participation in question and answer sessions can increase this learning.  Audience response hardware and software is expensive for educators and many cannot accommodate this expense.  Polleverywhere is an online version of audience response which utilizes the audiences cell phones or other mobile devices.  The instructor can ask questions and the audience can key in their response via cell phone.  This tool can be used for small to large group audience participation.  The responses can be calculated and seen in real time during a presentation.  This is an ingenuitive solution to the problem of expensive equipment for audience response and feedback in education.

Things to know before using Poll Everywhere
User must know how to navigate internet and should know how to use powerpoint in order to download survey questions into presentations

This tool is easy to use.  Each poll question is a separate entry and so use for multiple questions per presentation is cumbersome.  Thus, I would recommend its use in simple multiple choice questions and for purposes that do not require a high number of poll questions.

Resources required to use Poll Everywhere
The poll maker must have access to a computer and internet.  The responders to the poll must have a cell phone with texting abilities or wifi to access the online poll response site.  The room in which the poll is administered must have dependable cell phone service, i.e. not conducted in a basement conference room.

How to use Poll Everywhere in a teaching environment

Advantages of using Poll Everywhere
Advantages are that its free, easy to access, poll questions easy to enter and automatic poll results are given

Disadvantages of using Poll Everywhere
It requires wifi or cell phone service for responders to participate and creating more than one poll question for your presentation is cumbersome


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