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Lovely Charts is diagramming software that claims to be super easy, sexy, and efficient. And after reviewing this tool, I have to admit it's true. This is a cool diagramming software that can be used to create everything from flowcharts to people diagrams. A great tool for mind mapping.



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Reviewed by: Joyee on 05/09/2011

What a LOVELY tool! Sorry, couldn't resist...
I'm a very visual learner therefor this tool really works for me. I like the breakdown diagrams like this provide. A few ideas for teaching include the following...

Flowcharts are great for brainstorming and can be used for everything from meetings to clinical case discussions.

2) Clinical guidelines
Clinical guidelines describing admission flow, discharge criteria, and treatment guidelines are more clear and organized when presented in a flowchart/diagram. Currently the Texas Children's sections of Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine use this invaluable technique with flowcharts for easy to follow guidelines for common pediatric diagnoses.

3) Team building
As in my example, the people diagrams can be especially useful in explaining roles to new faculty, learners, and staff.

4) Clinical history
People diagrams can also be used to show genetic pedigrees and family histories.

5) Presentation helper
Finally, this tool can create a picture, poster, or slide in a presentation. It grabs the learners' attention, provides clarity, and initiates discussion.


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