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Going Back To School


You can continue learning by taking more classes. Have you been considering going back to school? Returning to academia is a major life decision, and you should make sure that it is the right step for you. You can choose a "traditional" school experience or one that is more "open" like courses offered by Coursera, edX and Canvas.
If you are confident that furthering your education is the right choice, consider the University of Houston and its College of Education where we teach and learn. Here are some courses that you might consider. All of these courses are completely online!


CUIN 6320: Technology in the Classroom


In this course, students use a variety of collaborative and creative technologies to learn about how technology can be used to engage students. Topics include selection of educational technologies, web-based interactive tools for learning, basic video creation, online productivity tools, and social media for educators. This course is appropriate for all educators, including current and future K-12 teachers, instructional designers, college instructors, and trainers in corporate or non-profit settings.

CUIN 7390: Instructional Design


This course is about using a systematic process to design instruction.
Everyone in some way designs instruction. From the parent teaching a young child how to tie shoes to the person training a dog to heel, these instructional designers analyze the needs of the audience, determine the goals and objectives, create the instruction, and evaluate how it all turned out. But instruction is not created equal, and careful planning and design are critical factors in the outcome. The heart of this course is the use of a systematic process to design instruction in which every component - the teacher, the learners, the materials, and the learning environment - is integral to successful learning.


CUIN 7358: Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

The primary focus of the course is on the application of digital storytelling for educational purposes and combines hands-on experience using computerbased software with an investigation of current research and best practices. Students explore the theoretical framework that informs instructional practice in the use of digital storytelling as they view and discuss digital stories created by others, investigate how digital storytelling is being used to promote teaching and learning, and design and develop their own educationally-meaningful digital story projects that combine a variety of multimedia elements with instructional materials.


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